Od 2007 roku redakcja magazynu "Świat Kominków" (wydawanego od 2003 roku) tworzy dla Państwa portal poświęcony w całości zagadnieniom kominkowym. U nas znajdą Państwo wszystkie przydatne informacje techniczne oraz mnóstwo wizualnych inspiracji, które ułatwią podjęcie decyzji o wyborze kominka lub innego urządzenia grzewczego, w tym nawet grilla czy kuchni. Znajdą też Państwo szeroką bazę producentów i firm wykonawczych oraz szereg praktycznych informacji związanych z bezpiecznym użytkowaniem i eksploatacją urządzeń grzewczych. Odpowiedzi na pytania kominkowe udzielają nasi eksperci. 

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Aldona Mazurkiewicz - prowadząca portal

About us: – a portal bringing fire to the house and garden!

Since 2008, we have been creating a fireplace-related website Here, the end-customer can not only view a rich photo gallery and read about various technical and aesthetic fireplace solutions, but also find an executive company and manufacturer using the database of companies, or learn about legal issues regarding the construction of fireplaces.


Świat Kominków” – a magazine for a common consumer

Our publishing adventure with fireplaces began in 2002 and in 2003 resulted in the first issue of "Świat Kominków" – a periodical that is our lead title to this day. From the beginning, we aimed at creating a magazine addressed mainly to individual consumers. We provide them an overview of the wide gamut of fireplaces available on the Polish market as well as the variety of technical solutions used in this type of heating units. What's more, we write not only about fireplaces designed for wood, but also for pellet, gas, electricity or bioethanol. We also present the variety of garden heating units such as grills, smokehouses, bonfires, bread ovens or summer kitchens. The whole is complemented by articles dedicated to the use and operation, fuel issues, flue gas evacuation as well as all kinds of equipment and accessories for fireplaces. We try to cover the topic of the fireplace as widely as possible. We pay attention to how to combine the fireplace with other heating systems such as heat pumps, photovoltaics, recuperation systems or gas boilers. Since 2021 there has been a separate section of our journal dedicated exclusively to wood or pellet boilers. Readers will not find here price lists and clichéd tables simply comparing products, but rather reliable information that will help them make their decisions.

The magazine has a wide distribution system of both the traditional paper version (available in showrooms and fireplace companies, newsagents, DIY stores) and the electronic version available on the issuu platform and promoted, among others, on our portal and Facebook thematic groups. We try to reach customers in various ways. That is why we participate in many trade fairs, not only those related to fireplaces, but also regional ones, dealing with construction, interior design and gardening. 

We are considered a trustworthy and influential magazine. Our credentials have allowed us to expand our activity into many areas related to fireplaces. We are a co-founder and a supporting member of the Polish Association "Kominki Polskie". Since 2006, we have established the Flame of the Year prize awarded, among others, to the best companies, products and events.

"Świat Kominków" read online>>>

 Kominiki PRO” - a magazine for fireplace industry professionals

We are constantly advancing, as best proven by the magazine addressed exclusively to professionals from the broadly understood fireplace industry – “KominkiPRO”, which expanded our portfolio in 2009. The periodical is distributed directly by mail (both by snail mail and in electronic form accessible via the issuu platform) to over 2,500 fireplace and fireplace-related companies in Poland. In “Kominki PRO”, there are texts on legal, economic and marketing aspects of the functioning of companies, important current topics for the industry, materials dealing with technical problems important for contractors, as well as update information on industry events, trainings and fairs. It is a perfect place to look for trade representatives, establish business contacts or reach a wide group of fireplace contractors and stove fitters in Poland. 

We focus on development, and thus we are constantly improving our magazines and implementing new projects. We are passionate about fireplaces and closely monitor the situation on the rich Polish fireplace market. Our professional sales department is always willing to adjust the offer to the needs and expectations of each client. We are not a large media concern, but a small family publishing house that puts the emphasis on quality and genuineness. All materials are created by our editorial board or on their request by a range of associates. We are a reliable partner for companies and a valuable source of information for the Readers. 

"Kominki PRO" read online>>>


Special project: magazine "Fireplaces biomass boilers, wood and pellets - Made in Poland 2023"

Export title presenting Polish companies and reports from the fireplace, biomass boilers, wood and pellet industry. You can find inside presentation of polish companies producing: wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, bioethanol fireplaces, free-standing stoves, tiled stoves, stove fitting materials, wood or pellet boilers, garden heaters and fire pits, chimneys, controlers for furnace and heating controlers, saunas and garden tubs, glass and basalt sealing rope, fireplace glass.

"Fireplaces biomass boilers, wood and pellets - Made in Poland 2023" read online>>>

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