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Świat Kominków 3/2021 - zoom on the topic




A fireplace with a touch

Mesmerizing, eye-catching, relaxing – all of those expressions describe fire. The spectacle of dancing flames has accompanied humankind for ages. The form and setting of the fire have forever been changing, but we still have the need to interact with this blazing element and we still want to watch the spectacle of flames in which the fireplace plays an important role. But not just any fireplace ... Let's put in some effort and think about a suitable setting for the fire that will be eye-catching and which will be an embellishment of the interior and setting for fiery shows at the comfort of our home.


Russian inspirations

"Fireplace design 2020" competition

Modern or traditional, intriguing, interesting and sometimes bold, colourful and extravagant. What are we talking about? About fireplaces, stoves and fire garden devices that have gained recognition from the jury in the "Fireplace design 2020" competition organized by the Russian publishing house "Beautiful Houses Press". The participants included designers, architects, stove fitters and fireplace companies. The entries include a rich overview of modern and traditional tiled stoves, interior fireplaces and garden grills in various styles ranging from classic, art deco, to high-tech and steampunk.


How much does a fireplace cost?

This question is asked by most investors who consider installing a fireplace. This is also a question commonly asked after seeing on FB fireplace implementations submitted to our “Flame of the Year” competition. Well, if we are building the first house in our life, and we are not from the fireplace industry, such a question is reasonable. Even if we already have a house and a fireplace in it, but we are renovating it after many years and we are also replacing the equipment, we usually do not know the current prices of kitchen furniture, various house systems and fireplaces. Besides, today's fireplaces and those from 20 or 15 years ago are completely different products, different fire, different heat ... We will try to help all those who are lost, although we would like to warn you in advance that you will not find hints pointing to specific producers and products here.


Gas (almost) for the masses

First of all - convenient, secondly - maintenance-free, and thirdly - with a vision of fire available right away; a gas fireplace is a solution for those who want to enjoy a vision of fire without effort and devoting the time, which is so precious nowadays. It may seem that gas fireplaces are luxurious and expensive solutions. Of course, we can also find such ones in the wide range offered by fireplace companies, however, the popularization of this type of device and their availability among the products of many manufacturers, including Polish ones, made gas fireplaces an accessible option today. And they are worth considering.


The charm of Polish tiles

The mysticism and air of mystery about the tiles are certainly rooted in the fact that they are made by hand, and the same methods as centuries ago are still used. They are the result of the work of human hands on the borderline of artistry, which is why they arouse such emotions. Over the years, ceramics, of course, just like everything around us, began to change and adapt to the present times. Newer and perfected forms, patterns, textures and glazes of tiles were developed, but one thing remained unchanged - the work of the creators, charm and appeal enchanted in the tiles.


Fire furniture

Modular fireplaces, in which typical hearths plus factory-made casings create ready-to-install kits, have appeared in the offer of not only well-known European brands but also Polish manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers have also extended their offer of stoves with additional design elements. Nowadays, when thinking about a fireplace, there are many reasons to seriously consider both modular ready-made fireplaces and stoves with additional design elements. We equip our apartments with furniture, and their selection and purchase in a furniture showroom is a certain standard. So why not choose and order "fire furniture" in a fireplace shop in a similar way?


Extending the barbecue season

The barbecue season does not have to end with the arrival of colder days. Even in winter, many dishes might still be prepared outside in fresh air. Their diversity depends not only on our abilities and imagination but also on the equipment we have at our disposal. Surely fulfilment of our culinary passions at any time of the year is easier to achieve with modern technical solutions used in designing such devices as barbecues, bread ovens or garden smokehouses.


Hydro-puzzle. What next with the “water” fireplaces?

There are some who believe that stoves with water jackets are already past their heydays.  However, the time of combining hearths with water jackets is not over yet. They have changed, become more environmental- and user-friendly and fireplace companies, stove fitters as well as potential buyers approach them with greater understanding. The hydro-puzzle seems hence to be solved - there are plenty of indicators that “stove water” will still be flowing.




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About issues

Świat Kominków 3/2021 - zoom on the topic

"Świat Kominków" (The World of Fireplaces) is polish magazine about the culture of domesticated fire. Focus especially on the new trends in design of fireplaces and stoves and on the latest technological achievements in this area. Promote aesthetic, effective and safe solutions as well. Look at the latest edition of magazine.

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Świat Kominków 3/2021

W numerze 3/2021 magazynu "Świat Kominków" poznamy tendencje w kominkach modułowych i piecykach na drewno. Znajdziemy materiał na temat kominków z pomysłem. Poczytamy też o kominkach gazowych, płomiennych meblach, grillach i ogrzewaczach ogrodowych. W tym numerze dowiemy się też ile kosztuje kominek i dostrzeżemy urok polskich kafli. Polecamy nowy dział: Ogrzewaj dom drewnem i pelletami.

Świat Kominków


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